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Bitcoin Pizza Day - Binance offers $ 52.200 worth of BTC Pizza

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It happens every year, Bitcoin Pizza Day! Don't you know what it is? It is that anniversary that has been celebrated since, on May 18, 2010, a guy on a forum paid for a pizza with 10.000 Bitcoins. A half billion dollar pizza…. panic. Follow the address to find the original message of the user laszlo. The internet community, sweet and caring, therefore celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day every year on May 18th! I hope that lazlo is richer than Scrooge Scrooge, and that he is taken up by this shovel.

In any case, Binance has prepared a special Collect & Win promo for all Binance members who successfully collect the five special ingredients to bake the Bitcoin Pizza: in this way it is possible to claim their share of the $ 52.200 prize pool in BTC.

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I transcribe notes and research from the world of crypto. This is my goal. Since then I use Binance, if you are thinking of signing up I ask you to do it with my referral code (referral id: EV6X8DW5) and you will have 20% discounted commissions immediately, forever. Why not?

But if you want to subscribe, do it your own way, not because I told you or because some guy on YouTube with the lambo in his car hole said it. Investing always involves risk. Do you remember in 1929 in the united states? The Tycoons jumping out of skyscrapers were all investors. They played hard, they had risked a lot, and therefore could lose a lot. But the investment must be almost scientific, in my opinion especially in the planning part: you cannot invest more than you can afford to lose. It's a risky game, you have to know how to play. I am not a financial advisor, and I would never take the liberty of advising you to spend your money.

I transcribe my notes, that's all. I could do it on a notepad, on a moleskine, put myself under a tree like Goethe and keep this information for myself. But I mainly studied this information on the internet .. it's time to give something back. If these words of mine are useful to you, I am happy. But don't invest anything because someone on the internet recommends it.


Carry out Login on Binance to check the ingredients received

Rules and Period of activity

The trading period runs from May 19th 00:00 AM (UTC) to May 25th 2021 11:59 PM (UTC).

New Bakers Award: $ 50 each (200 total winners)

All qualified users who si register a Binance account during the period of activity and cook Bitcoin pizza (successfully collecting all five special ingredients) will have a chance to win $ 50 in BTC tokens via lucky draw (Lucky Draw -

Reward for the lucky bakers: $ 20.000 to win! (20 winners in total)

All qualified users (excluding New Baker Reward winners) who successfully cooked the Bitcoin Pizza (by collecting the five special ingredients) during the activity period will have a chance to win $ 1.000 in BTC tokens via Lucky Draw.

Nobody Lose Prize: Claim your share of $ 22.200 in BTC prize pool

All qualified users who do not win the New Bakers Reward or Lucky Bakers Reward will share a prize pool of $ 22.200 in BTC. The reward share will be calculated based on the proportional trading volume of each Qualified User relative to the total trading volume of all Qualified Users.
Calculation of the reward
The BTC reward for each qualified user equals this formula: (total effective trading volume of each user / total effective trading volume of all qualified users) * Total prize of $ 22.200 in BTC

Award in Binance 2021 Bitcoin Pizza Day NFT limited edition

All qualified users who collect all five special ingredients and bake the Bitcoin Pizza during the active period will be eligible for a lucky draw. 22 winners will be drawn by lot to receive one of the limited edition NFTs by 1 July 2021 (UTC), after the Binance NFT Official Marketplace will be live.

How do you win?

Collect all five special ingredients on theactivity page (the activity page) to bake the Bitcoin Pizza. Once done, you are guaranteed to win a share of $ 52.200 in BTC! Real eye, Binance does not explain what this share is. Maybe it's 0,0004%, but as my grandmother said "better than a carton in eggs is a carton di eggs ".

How can I collect the ingredients?

Complete a trade of at least 100 USDT in qualified couples BTC / USDT spot and with margin;
OR at least 3.000 USDT or BUSD in qualifying trading pairs USDⓈ-M Futures;
OR at least 30 contracts in qualified trading pairs COIN-M Futures.

After each qualified transaction above, the user can go to the activity page ( to unlock a random ingredient.

Share on social media to get more ingredients

Share your missing ingredients on social media and ask your friends to send you their extras!

Share your extra ingredients on social media and trade them with the ones you need for cooking the perfect Bitcoin Pizza.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can be checked on Binance.