You are currently viewing Football offer: swap fiat & share. Pool Prize: 50.000 BUSD with Binance

Football offer: swap fiat & share. Pool Prize: 50.000 BUSD with Binance

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TL: DR Binance launches a new competition, Football Championship. Whoever trades the most wins the most BUSD.

To celebrate the Copa America and EURO Cup finals, as well as the competitive spirit of football, Binance is launching a fiat trading contest with a prize pool of 50.000 BUSD.

Are you interested in participating? Well, be very careful. Anything you read here has nothing to do with financial advice, it is just factual accounts. Binance does this thing. Remember that trading is very risky.


Promotion period

From 2021-07-06 09:00 AM (UTC) to 2021-07-12 11:59 PM (UTC)

All VIP 0 (most of us all) and VIP 1 users who successfully complete all of the following tasks will equally share a prize pool of 10.000 BUSD:

  • Trade a minimum of $ 200 in BRL, EUR or RUB
  • Indicate your participation by submitting your Binance UID in this module

The top 10.000 eligible participants ranked at the time of submitting their Binance UIDs will receive 1 BUSD each. If there are fewer than 10.000 eligible participants, the 10.000 BUSD prize pool will be split equally.

Trade more, earn more

The prize pool of 40.000 BUSD will be exclusive to the first 100 traders by total trading volume (including trades) on the EUR, RUB and BRL trading pairs during the competition period.

The distribution of the prize will be as per the table below:

User rankingPress in BUSD
From 1st to 10th$ 18.000 * Divided by volume
From 11th to 50th$ 400 each
From 51st to 100th$ 120 each
Prize table of the initiative Binance Football Championship

* The rewards for the top 10 winners will be split based on each user's total trading volume in proportion to the total actual trading volume of the top 10 users during the competition period.

Don't have EUR, RUB and BRL?

Buy them ora!

Terms and conditions

Blah blah blah.

If you want to read this pappardella, go to dedicated page of the competition.