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Sorare: what championships are there in the summer? Updated 2022

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During the period Summer all footballing Europe stops its championships for a few months of, more or less, well-deserved rest. June is in fact the month in which you no longer watch La Liga, Premier League or Serie A matches. There is one thing that does not stop: the legendary fantasy football online, Sorare!


What is Sorare?

If you don't know Sorare, we have already talked about it in this article: How Sorare works, the world fantasy football that runs on ethereum. TL: DR A world fantasy football, precisely, that does the minting, then creates, NFT of the individual players of the various football teams for which it has obtained the license. The equivalent of the Panini album, but in the twenty-first century.

This is the strength of the Sorare team, that of having obtained the license from the football teams to be able to generate NFTs of their players exclusively. What does Sorare do with it? It makes them available to the community who, by buying them according to the concept of the auction, can deploy them in some leagues created specifically according to the logic of fantasy football: whoever finds the best scores on their cards that they play during the week… wins.

Which championships did you manage to obtain the Sorare licenses for?

The championships for which Sorare has obtained the license are many, at the time of writing there are almost 50, and you can see them all at this address.

What championships are there in the summer on Sorare?

Among the leagues for which Sorare has obtained a license, there are two that are suitable for those who, even under an umbrella, cannot give up on fantasy football: the championship Asian and that American. Let's take the United States for example: this year's Major League Soccer (MLS) championship started on February 22nd and will end on November 5th. Managers who want to field their players also in the summer period have the possibility to buy team cards from these leagues:

JapanJ League10 February - 5 November 2022
KoreaK League 1February 19 - October 30 2022
United StatesMLS26 February - 5 November 2022
BrazilBrasileiro Serie AApril 9 - November 13, 2022
ArgentinaArgentina Primera DIvisiònJune 5 - October 23, 2022
MexicoLiga MX - Opening1 July - 6 November 2022
PerùLiga 1 - EnclosureJuly 2 - October 23, 2022
2022 summer football championships for Sorare

It is not easy to choose which players to buy on Sorare by analyzing these leagues, but there are many websites that can help us make more informed decisions, such as Soraredata and Transfermarket.

Cazoo, can you tell me a way to get a free card on Sorare?

Cazoo! Of course! However, there is a very simple way to receive a rare card for free on Sorare: use a referral code: you will receive a rare card! It will not be given to you immediately, but after you have taken 5 players from the Marketplace.

You can then request ten free community cards as soon as you log in: choose teams from the leagues listed above as your preference: the system will give you cards from Common players from the leagues for which you have expressed your preference. You will therefore be able to participate in the Sorare common card championship also during the summer period.

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