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Sorare enters another team, the giant Boca Juniors 🇦🇷

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Sorare, a platform based on blockchain we talked about in this article, which is revolutionizing the game of fantasy football, now announces that it supports Boca Juniors.

Boca Juniors: A giant of South American football

Boca Juniors, where legend Diego Maradona played and also coached, joins a roster of 137 other clubs in the Sorare ecosystem… a truly rapidly growing ecosystem.

Award-winning team, both locally and internationally, are valued at over $ 213 million, boasting a hyper-zealous fan base and stellar players. Players of the caliber of Marco Rojos, the former Manchester United defender, and Carlos Tevez, a football legend among Manchester United and City fans.

The NFT digital cards of the stars of Boca Junior up for auction

Following this agreement, the digital cards of the first edition of some Boca Juniors players are now up for auction in Sorare Marketplace. Like all cards on Sorare, these cards are fully licensed by the club and do not infringe any image rights.

The growing ecosystem of Sorare

Today's announcement comes less than three weeks after Sorare welcomed five Serie A teams - Cagliari, Genoa CFC, Hellas Verona FC, UC Sampdoria and Udinese Calcio. With their entry, there are now 11 Serie A teams, including Juventus, in the ecosystem Sorare.

While fans can trade limited edition digital cards, they can also choose to participate in tournaments and be rewarded. If you want to subscribe, click on the button below. You will have an advantage! As soon as you buy 5 rare players, you will receive a gift card!

With Boca Juniors' record of success it is the best time to sign up and scout potential players whose value will likely increase later in the professional career. By signing up, players have the chance to win a random Boca Juniors NFT card.