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What new NFT collections are coming in 2022?

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The answer is very simple, Cazoo provides it! was born in early 2022 at the request of the community itself, which increasingly took on requests for collaboration and requests for community creation of projects. What better way to explore the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, better known as NFT, together?

But who should be the artist who creates these digital works of art? Another simple answer: all of us. Let's make sure to choose characteristic traits together, voted by the majority, and let the central hub of this incredible new digital world: technology to create it.

Contrary to what many suppose, the use of Artificial Intelligence in the art world does not want to imitate the artist himself and obscure his presence. No, I am convinced that AI instead makes artistic creation accessible to anyone, even to those who do not consider themselves artists.

Cazoo wants to bring these new technologies to everyone.

We live in an era where technology and artificial intelligence can be used in extremely creative, flexible and useful ways.

Computers are blazingly fast, accurate, and stupid. Humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant. Together they are a power beyond imagination.

albert einstein