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If you’re not sure how to buy Bitcoin, you might not know what’s an Exchange.

A cryptocurrency Exchange, is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies in exchange for other assets. The answer to the great question “How do you buy Bitcoin?” it’s easy: look in your wallet. There’s your asset. That’s called fiat money. Where can you buy bitcoin?

I’ve been trying out recently, and I want to talk to you about it.

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Here at cazoo my goal is to memorize, by writing it, blogging it if you might prefer, all the information I daily collect online. Jotting it down, that’s my study method. If I write it, I remember it. Instead of just doing it in microsoft word I do it here, and maybe I can help someone else with my notes. I will talk to you talking to myself, as if it were a diary.


Who is is a company that developed of a blockchain assets exchange platform, designed to trade cryptocurrencies. Plain and simple! It can offer crypto-to-crypto loans, trading with levereged margin and live, fresh crypto market data. It’s transparency speaks of the seurity provided for its users.

A few days ago celebrated their 8th anniversay, on the 21st of April with an an Open Letter from Founder Han Lin.

Located at the Cayman Islands, this could be viewed as shady, but take a look at their LinkedIn page, that’s some serious staff members. is operated by Gate Technology Inc, a company that says, quote, is “dedicated to security and your experience, offering you not only a secure, easy to use exchange but also promising to safeguard your asset and information.” which is always a tell you’re looking for, when choosing an exchange.

I can’t really tell you if this is absolutely the best place to buy bitcoin but it’s most certainly one of the oldest, being founded in 2013. support crypto to crypto tradings, spot and margin trading, holds in its code hundreds of cryptocurrencies and many more adding each months. Incubator of great projects, is one of the big players out there.

So, how do you buy bitcoin on

Remember always, and I mean, always, to enable the two factour authentication (2FA) with any authenticator of your choice / SMS SMS based verification, and then proceed to deposit cripto in your account.

Well, or course, register before: if you use this code 3956874 or click this link:

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Step 1: Register an account on signup with 20% referral code signup

After signing up there’s the same drill: you will receive an automatic noreply mail from to confirm that you created the account. Clicking on the confirmation link in your mailwill activate your account by completing the signing-up process.

Step 2: Verify your account

Why should I give my identity card to someone? To ANYONE? Well, we are talinkg about money, and it’s for your security also, in case might rise a controversy. Furthermore, with a verified account you can deposit and withdraw funds with more ease. And your account will be secure.

To complete your KYC verification process, log in to your Account, fill in your email id and password. Pull out of your wallet an I.D. issued by the government (e.g. passport, driver’s license or ID card). Fees

Spot And Margin Trading Fees

Since you can’t buy bitcoin with credit card, with debit card or buy bitcoin with paypal, great fees are offered by the team.

The spot trading is 0.2% for each transaction, wich lowers when increasing trading volume. Deposit Fees

It is utterly free of charge. NADA. NEIN. NIET. There is no transaction fee when depositing funds in Withdrawal Fees

When a user withdraws a cryptocurrency asset from the exchange, it initiates a standard blockchain network fee and is adjusted automatically depending on markets. To find the withdrawal limit, you can visit this page.


Y’all got some of those shiny Dogecoins and are planning to rebalance your wallet and buy bitcoin with that? Head over to, and create un account. If you use this code 3956874 you’ll get a 20% reduction of every commission on your trades, forever.

Be careful. Trading is risky. Cripto are volatile. Don’t risk your assets if you’re not ready.