The Profitable World of Value Betting

The Profitable World of Value Betting: An Interview with a RebelBetting User

I recently had the chance to chat with Alex, an avid sports bettor who has been using RebelBetting's value betting software for the past year. He shared his journey with value betting and how RebelBetting has helped him achieve consistent profits month after month.

Cazoo: Hi Alex, thanks for taking the time to share your experience with RebelBetting's value betting software. Can you start by telling us how you first got into sports betting and value betting specifically?

Alex: Sure, I've always been a huge sports fan and started casually betting on games a few years ago mostly for fun. I would place the occasional bet with friends or wager small amounts online. About a year and a half ago, I came across the concept of value betting through some online forums. The idea of making analytical, calculated bets to gain an edge long-term really appealed to me. I did a lot more research, watched tutorial videos, and decided I wanted to take a systematic approach to sports betting. That's when I started using RebelBetting.

Cazoo: What made you choose RebelBetting over other value betting services and software?

Alex: Several reasons. The first was their 14-day free trial. I got to test out the software, place some sample bets, and see the opportunities it identified before committing to pay anything. I also liked the detailed betting reports and stats RebelBetting provides on my history and performance. Probably the biggest factor though was the large number of bookmakers covered. RebelBetting scans odds at 60+ bookies which gives me so many options to place bets.

Cazoo: Walk us through a typical day for you using RebelBetting to make value bets. How does the software work for you?

Alex: My daily routine is pretty straightforward. I'll log into RebelBetting in the morning and check the value bet opportunities for the day. I mostly stick to football and basketball. The software intuitively displays odds from various bookmakers, the calculated value percentage, and recommended stake amounts. If the value odds are good enough, usually above 2-3%, I'll place the bet through the linked bookmaker site.

Throughout the day, I'll periodically check back as new value bets become available. I have accounts at about 8 bookmakers connected to RebelBetting so I divide my stakes between them. The software does a great job populating my bet history and providing detailed analytics on my profit/loss. I try to place at least 10-15 value bets per day through RebelBetting.

Cazoo: What results have you seen so far after a year of using RebelBetting for value betting?

Alex: Extremely positive. I track all my bets in a spreadsheet too and my ROI after a year is around 9%, which I'm very happy with. I started with a bankroll of $2,000 and through disciplined value betting with RebelBetting, grew it to around $7,500. The key for me has been consistency, sticking to my staking plan, and letting the value bets profits accumulate over time rather than chasing big wins. I know as long as I keep using the RebelBetting software systematically, I'll continue earning solid returns on my betting.

Cazoo: That's fantastic, congrats on your success so far! Final question - would you recommend RebelBetting to other bettors interested in value betting?

Alex: Absolutely, 100%. The platform has been a game-changer for me and allowed me to adopt an analytical, long-term approach to betting. I really think any bettor serious about making consistent profits should give RebelBetting a try. The 14-day free trial lets you experience the value betting opportunities first-hand. I'm very glad I took advantage of it a year ago!

Cazoo: Outstanding, I really appreciate you sharing your experiences Alex. It's motivating to hear from a successful value bettor! Enjoy your continued success!

Alex: My pleasure, thanks for having me!