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RebelBetting offers a value betting service that provides users with profitable betting opportunities to make consistent profits from sports betting. The service finds value bets where the implied odds are higher than the true probability of the outcome. By placing many of these +EV bets over time, users can earn a high return on investment.

RebelBetting compares odds across 80+ bookmakers to find mispriced bets. The service detects thousands of value bets daily and sends them to users. It includes tools like auto-settlement of bets and a bet tracker to simplify record keeping.

"The software intuitively displays odds from various bookmakers, the calculated value percentage, and recommended stake amounts. If the value odds are good enough, usually above 2-3%, I'll place the bet through the linked bookmaker site."
- ALEX, Interview for Cazoo - read all

Users can choose between the Starter plan which covers major bookies for those new to value betting, or the Pro plan for experienced bettors who want to maximize profits using exchanges and sharp bookmakers. RebelBetting claims users earn an average 30% monthly ROI.

There is a 14-day free trial so users can test it risk-free. Subscriptions start at €99/month for Starter or €199/month for Pro. Annual subscriptions offer 30% savings. The company also provides a profit guarantee - if you don't profit in the first month, you get another month free until you do.


What are the advantages?

Why should you subscribe and what do you get.

High number of bookies

✓ EU Bookies: 60+ | ✓ US bookies: 13+ | ✓ Sports: 10+ | ✓ Stake calculator included | ✓ Beginner-friendly pricing

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Get a 14 days trial, with ZERO costs.


High quality service supervised by artificial intelligence and an affordable price. RebelBetting works within the browser and has its own app.

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